Bush Tucker Plants

Bush Tucker plants
We enjoy propagating native plants that are editable or useable. Lemon Myrtle comes to mind­as well as making refreshing tea it perfumes the garden delightfully and the oil from the plant makes very nice soap and massage oil. Also available in cinnamon and aniseed variants they both add an aroma to the garden. The Native Finger lime is extraordinary product ­3 inches long and the thickness of your finger when opened it has the look of little beads of colour­and tastes fantastic­small explosions of flavour on your tongue­ fantastic in drinks­sliced finely a wonderful garnish for fish or salad – Bluey the blue lilly pilli produces a delightful purple fruit and is a favorite of the lilly pilli group. The delicate fruit is aromatic with a sweetish slightly gingery flavor. Wonderful in cheese cake or made into jam­or straight off the tree -slightly crunchy­ don’t pick too early.
Davidson Plum – An Australian native rainforest species that produces a rather large plum like fruit with a brilliant red pulp, rather sour but delicious when made into jam or wine. Native Ginger – a versatile plant for Aboriginal people. The ginger tasting roots and the flesh from the bright blue fruit can be eaten. The large leaves used to wrap food for cooking. Excellent landscape specimen – we stock Native black apple, Ribery, Midgim Berry, Round Lime, Plum Pine, we are constantly looking for new stock – you will always find something different in our nursery.

Hardy Natives
Native Frangipani A fast growing, evergreen tree with glossy, rich green, oval leaves. In spring this Australian native plant bears terminal clusters of very fragrant, tubular, cream flowers that age to a golden yellow. They perfume your whole garden­similar to Frangipani in perfume­both grow well in our garden­they are frost sensitive however if you get through the first winter they seem to thrive Little Kurrajong is a very beautiful plant with bright clusters of pink/red flowers, 4-5cm across which appear just before new leaves.. Both flowers and new shoots are softly hairy. It adapts well to drought, seldom over 5m tall
You will find many unusual trees in the garden and one of our favourite shrubs is the smoke bush­purple leaves and flowers that look like puffs of smoke There is also a Deodar Cedar that was destined to be bonsaied by a close friend Darrell Payne who made a present of it to us and you can now see it reaching for the sky in the memorial garden.